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16 Insane (But True) Things About Festival Preparation at Home

16 Insane (But True) Things About Festival Preparation at Home

Everyone prepares for festival in different ways; here the festival preparation is very important for all. When it comes to Indian Hindu festivals, preparations list is huge and it starts from the home. Everyone in the family will be excited to celebrate the festival season as it is the season for the fun, joy and happiness. There is a huge consideration for the type of festival and what are all the activities planned for it.

Things to consider for pre-preparation for festival seasons

  1. Everything starts from cleaning, allot a person and allocate their zone for cleaning. Corner to corner cleaning is the first step to festival preparation.
  2. Pick a theme for the home, which can be used throughout the festival season. Use that theme for paint, decorations and even in cooking recipes
  3. It is best to paint the walls both interior and exterior of the home. Changing the wall colours can enhance the look of your living space. 
  4. Rearrange & organise decorative and essential things in the home, such as carpets, window curtains, drapes, lamps, blankets, pillow covers etc.
  5. Prepare a list of guest to be invited and list of possible visit you have to do. This list will be very helpful to plan trips and the number of guests to be planned. (Obviously, there will be last minute surprises but a list can help you forecast)
  6. Festival means lights, food, new dress, gifts and people, get fresh lamps, precisely latest designs or model will be delightful. 
  7. Each festival is different, hence consider all the possible dishes, it’s sides, snacks you might plan and buy all ingredients at least a week before the festival.
  8. New dress means shopping time, plan ahead and visit the right store for the right dress. It is best to take few sets extra for future festivals as in Lockdown we might not know much. Accessories for festival dresses, shoes etc should also be included.
  9. Skin care and health is highly forgotten topics for festival, there are several beauty care and health care activities such as getting a proper facial, haircut, detoxifying the digestive system for festival loading. Here is an interesting fact, which we need for pre-festival and post festival healthcare for minimum 7 days.
  10. In home care, kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, guest rooms and balcony gets extra attention. Make sure the decorations are not too little or too high for your budget.
  11. Plan for a budget for each preparation and inform the limitations to all. Always keep a little extra above your budget and try to fit it in.
  12. Here when we are not leaving flowers, it is the mood setter for the festival.
  13. When it comes to festival, staying hydrated is also important. Also make arrangements for getting zero calories drink for festival or fruits infused water for consuming in between the celebration. 
  14. Plan for party games such as Playing cards, board games etc. and keep the set in place.
  15. Arrange for return gifts to each and every guest, who visits. Plan few gifts extra for surprise guests as well. 
  16. When it comes to kitchen, it is time to de-clutter the broken or bulged or dented cookware and replace with a brand new tri ply tope, tri ply tawa, tri ply Kadai, tri ply wok pan, stainless steel pressure cooker, canister, oil dispenser, barni, water bottle and more.

Few preparations for festival involves space and plan for children, when adults starts talking children gets bored hence plan a space for children to get along and play in groups. Here plan some place and occasion for selfies, groupies and other special occasions in between the celebration. Some people may have specific allergy to certain food items like nuts, milk products etc. Hence beware of such allergies and get ready with the first aid medicines too.

Some of the rare issues that might arise are the temperature drop or rain, though the festival will be shifted. The number of guests who drop by can reduce or increase in numbers. Even in festivals music can be a mood shifter, thus arrange for music as well to get into the mood. 

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