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Everything you need to know about honeycomb kadai


 The honeycomb Maxima Kadai is one of our latest developed product with unique hexagonal pattern which adds to the performance and durability of the non-stick surface, ensuring a good cooking experience with less time consumption. The unique honeycomb pattern also provides non-stick, less fat, healthy cooking. The Three-layer composite steel provides even heat distribution to the entire pan enabling food to cook faster and more energy-efficient. The Kadai is suitable for use with all cook-tops, including induction cook-tops.

Nonstick technology is scratch resistant and the ideal surface for healthier cooking requiring little or no oil or fat . Raised honeycomb structure protects Non-stick surface from abrasion wear and even metal tools, support various heat source like gas, store, induction, electrical

Non Stick 

The honeycomb kadai is non stick . Which helps in faster cooking and protects the food from getting burnt.

Triply Stainless Steel

The Maxima Kadai is 3 layered which helps in even heat distribution .

Aluminium Base Intact

If the product the honeycomb kadai is sandwich bottomed it has  middle layer of aluminium which helps in faster cooking.

Thickness & depth

Depth and thickness play an important role deep bottom helps in easy frying and avoids Spiling off food and thickness of the product indicates the premium  quality of the product


 The cookware is compatible on induction , gas, ceramic , electric etc


 The kadai is long lasting and of good quality.

Why Buy A Honeycomb  Kadai

  • Honeycomb Maxima Kadai is made with high quality coating with hexagonal ridges that are made from stainless steel material  Maxima  cookware is made with triply stainless steel base , giving it the ability of even heat distribution and makes it highly durable . 
  • It has no coating which harms . 
  • It is eco friendly 
  • Easy to use and clean .
  • Non stick surface

Honeycomb Kadai Features

  • Non-toxic: No harmful chemical coating, making it chemical-free and safe to use
  • Triply Cookware : Makes it simple and convenient to prepare healthy meals.
  • Long-lasting : Strong, long-lasting, and greater corrosion resistance due to the alloy
  • Adaptable : Better heat control; suitable for many types of stoves.
  • Impact-bonded bottom offers a good and comfortable grip, made of an energy-efficient tri-ply
  • Maxima Triply Stainless Steel Honeycomb Kadai Pan 24 cm made of stainless steel that is multipurpose is ideal for deep-frying your favourite foods, such as samosas and pooris.
  • Suitable for baking as well as all kinds of cookery
  • Energy efficient & faster cooking.
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