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The Number One Reason You Should do Gulab Jamun

The Number One Reason You Should do Gulab Jamun

Food and India

Indian food is famous for its best variety of delicacies in the world. The Dessert that will immerse you in the most enjoyable way will be a big list. In India the variety of dishes that teases your taste buds are from all corners of the country. 

There are 6 different tastes that challenges foodies are Salty, Souring, Bittery , Spicy, Astringent and Sweet. These 6 different tastes are essential part of our daily life; all these 6 tastes are serving us for variety of reasons. Most people consume 1 or 2 or 3 tastes every day and ignore the rest. 

Balancing the whole meal is a highlight of Perfect Indian meal. There are many places in India that serves best of the best dishes in the country. Out of which, dessert stands out from the rest, as dessert changes the whole mood and completes a meal for the day. 

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun - an iconic dessert of India, which is spread across the South Asian countries too. It is a Soft deep fried ball submerged in rich sugar syrup with a sliced nut as topping. Traditional Gulab Jamun is made using milk solids/ khoya.

This is a very flavorful dessert with keen aroma of cardamom and nutty center to bite in between the soft smooth Jamun Ball. Tasting sweet


For Jamun:

1.5 cup (100 grams) Milk powder, unsweetened

1 cup (60 grams) Maida / plain flour

1/2 tsp Baking powder

4 tbsp Ghee / clarified butter

Milk (for kneading)

Ghee or oil (for frying)

For sugar syrup:

4 cup sugar

4 cup water

4 cardamom

0.5 tsp saffron 

2 tsp rose water

For Stuffing 

½ tsp Gulkand / Soaked rose petals in sugar syrup

10 tsp Nuts chopped

For Garnishing

Rose petals

Chopped Pistachios 

Let us get started!!!

In Maxima’s Tri Ply Tasra add milk powder, all-purpose flour, semolina, baking powder, clarified butter or ghee and add milk little by little and mix everything well.


For Stuffing

In a separate bowl, mix Gulkand and chopped nuts together and keep it aside.

For Sugar syrup

In a Maxima’s Tri Ply saucepan, add water and dissolve the sugar till it gets thicken on medium flame and once its ready turn off the flame. Filter the sugar syrup in a thin filter. And add cardamom pods, rose water and saffron to it. 

Make sure to keep the sugar syrup hot while dipping Jamun.

Jamun preparation
Gulab Jamun

Knead dough as soft as you can, part out the dough into equal sized balls and roll it like a small balls each.  Take a ball and flatten it out with your fingers. Place some small quantity of stuffing over it and Roll again like proper round shape.  Each ball should not be too big or too small (Approximately 1 inch thick preferred). Make smooth balls without cracks or lines. Keep them covered.


Then set the Maxima’s Tri Ply Kadai in slow flame and add ghee to it. Once the ghee is hot, Fry the balls one by one making it completely submerged in ghee properly until it turns golden brown on all sides. While frying the balls, make sure the ghee is not too hot (As the ball will turn brown fast before getting cooked inside). Also make sure the balls are not getting broken or cracked while frying. 

Trick is to get the balls out, when it is properly cooked (Nor undercooked not overcooked). 

Once all your Jamuns are ready, turn off the flame. Then add Jamuns directly to sugar syrup. Leave it aside for a while so the Jamun absorbs the sugar syrup completely. 

Here you can keep a ladle in Maxima’s Tri ply sauce pan to stir the Jamun carefully. Try to keep the ladle away from Jamun to keep the Jamun in shape. 

For serving:

For Parties: Before serving, transfer the Gulab  Jamun and sugar syrup to Maxima’s Tri Ply Shallow Tope to garnish with rose petals and sliced Pistachios on top.

Serve hot in small bowl or refrigerate for few hours and serve cold with your preferred flavor ice cream topping.  

Jamun sweet balls

How will it Taste?

A melting Jamun with a strong sweet taste; melts in your mouth, swiping the taste buds leaving the nutty centre part for you to bite in between.  While the Smooth Jamun travels fast to your throat with a lovely tasty aroma around your lips. With finger licking rose flavored Sugar syrup at a distant. You can forget the rest of your day and dunk deep inside in the taste.

Hope you like this recipe, Hope you try cooking it immediately and share your wonderful experience with us. Maxima Stainless steel shares many such wonderful recipes for you.

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