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Double Wall Stainless Steel Picnic Pot to store Food or Ice - Maxima Kitchenware
Rs. 2,300.00Rs. 2,875.00

All hotpot are PU insulated. It preserves the temperature either hot or cold for longer hours. They have a unique and strong locking system and easy to open and close. [unique_description_4] Material: Stainless Steel Included...

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Premium Quality Stainless Steel Picnic Pot Online

There is so much love in the air when cooking for your family or friends for a get together or a small outing as picnic to spend some quality time. But, what if the food cools down and it is not a warm tasty meal anymore? That is where the Stainless Steel Picnic Potcomes into play! At Maxima World , you will find Stylish Stainless Steel Picnic Pots to keep your meals fresh and delicious till the time it gets served, or pack some ice to get your chilled drinks with food our Picnic Pot is the best option. It is perfect to store all your foods like Biryani, Chapatis, Vegetable Gravy, Pulav etc and even Ice, Cold Drink Bottles etc! as it is leak proof with strongly welded handle to carry easily. To buy the Best Quality Picnicpot visit Maxima World and explore our whole range of Premium Quality Stainless Steel Hotpot, Kitchenware, Steel Water Bottles, Steel Baby Feeding Bottles and many more stylish product for your modern kitchen. Maxima is always committed to provide only the BEST QUALITY.

Key Features of Steel Hotpot

  • The Picnic Pot is PU insulated. It preserves the temperature either hot or cold for longer hours.
  • They have a unique and strong locking system which makes it easy to open and close.
  • They are stylish and yet durable and can be cleaned easily.
  • Filling of food items up to the full capacity of Picnic Pot is advisable to preserve, the temperature for longer hours.
  • They are perfect for keeping hot items like Steam Rice, Biryani, Vegetable Curries, Naan Rotis Etc and
    cold items like Ice Cream, Yogurt, Custard and also preserve Vegetable and Fruit Salad fresh for longer duration.
  • Strong welded handles help us carry them with ease.

Do's and Dont's while using Steel Picnic Pot

  • Always wrap Idlies / Rotis etc .. In white cloth to prevent food from getting soggy.
  • Avoid opening lid frequently once contents are filled.
  • Always keep lid open when not in use.
  • Don’t use Hard Abrasives to Clean the pot as it may damage the Body Finish.
  • Always use liquid detergent soap for washing.
  • Avoid metal scouring pads to keep your Picnic Pot looking shiny.

Take your stylish Stainless Steel Picnic Pot with you at your Picnic or Gathering NOW!

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