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Sumo Plus Pressure Cooker ( 25 % Off ) Samrat Houseware Private Limited
Rs. 2,460.00Rs. 3,280.00

Tri ply stainless steel cooker can cook fast, saving energy and time. [unique_description_4] Three-layered Stainless Steel Sumo Plus Tri Ply Pressure Cookers can cook fast, saving energy and time. Is made of high-quality stainless steel that...

Auro Belly - Pressure Cooker ( 25% Off ) Samrat Houseware Private Limited
Rs. 2,261.00Rs. 3,015.00

Pressure Cooker now with Stainless Steel body and Induction Base. The widely used and  appreciated Maxima Pressure Cooker comes with top of the line features. [unique_description_4] How difficult is your Online Pressure Cooker Shopping experience?...

Sumo Plus Belly Pressure Cooker With Glass Lid ( 25 % Off ) Samrat Houseware Private Limited
Rs. 2,527.00Rs. 3,370.00

Tri ply body equal heat distribution can cook fast, saving energy and time.  [unique_description_4] Three-layered Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers can cook fast, saving energy and time. Sumo Plus Tri Ply Belly Pressure Cooker is made...

Auro-Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Samrat Houseware Private Limited
Rs. 1,973.00Rs. 2,630.00

Delicious & tastier food is cooked in the Pressure cooker with quick ease. [unique_description_4] Maxima World's Auro-Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker - 5 Litres is the safest kitchen equipment that you will get. We make use...

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Online Triply Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Shopping

A lot of science unknown to us happens inside this simple kitchen appliance. There are no sophisticated circuits or state-of-the-art technology present inside them. But, what they do is no short of a miracle! They are the heart and soul of an Indian Kitchen and a permanent member of the family as long as cooking exists in this world.You might have already guessed it! Yes. They are pressure cookers. An elegant kitchen appliance that boils the rice, cooks vegetables and helps you do a lot of other culinary dishes.

Want to have a best quality of Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Maxima Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker would not disappoint you. We are more than happy to serve your needs. Here at Maxima World you can easily find the most reliable pressure cookers for all your cooking purposes, with a diverse catalog of pressure cookers to suit everyone’s purpose in the kitchen. Maxima Kitchenware provides only the best quality range of products that have gone through many quality checks.

To make your purchasing more interesting we stock many varieties of pressure cookers with us that follow the same high-quality standards of safety and efficiency in cooking. You can shop pressure cookers right from 2.5 Litres to a maximum of 5 Liters. We cover a range of models, each capable of making your cooking easy, fast, and tasty! On a basic level, you can find our Sumo Plus 2.5 Litres Pressure Cooker with a stainless body and a compatible base for seamless induction cooking. As your requirements keep growing, our list does too! If you are looking for a high-end tri ply pressure cooker, there is nothing equal to our Auro Stainless Steel 5 Litres Pressure Cooker. The utmost safety provisions avoid pressure bursts and enable steady release of the pressure inside the cooker.

What makes pressure cookers best for cooking?

  • Pressure cookers are very energy-efficient and cook faster than any other mode of cooking. You can say about 70% of the energy and your cooking time.
  • Healthy vitamins in the food are retained while you use a pressure cooker.
  • Steam cooking eliminates the reaction of the external atmospheric conditions with the food material. It helps in protecting the true essence of the food.
  • Pressure cookers are one of the best Triply Cookware in destroying bacteria as they boil water above 100 degrees celsius. It makes your food free from disease-causing microorganisms.

  • Why stop? Shop from our wide range of the best quality stainless steel pressure cookers now!

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