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Maxima Kitchenware Warranty Policy




Please register your Pressure cooker at
for the warranty on the product to be valid.


  • Samrat Pressure Cookers Carry 5 years Warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • Warranty card must carry Authorized Dealer’s / Distributors seal and signature without which it is invalid.
  • Date of purchase must be mentioned on the warranty card.
  • Warranty will not be applicable if the damage / repair is due to mishandling, negligence or wear and tear.
  • Repair / replacement of parts of cooker under warranty will be covered free of cost subject to the normal wear and tear which is not covered under warranty.
  • No free home service will be done and the transportation cost for bringing and taking back the cooker will be in customer’s scope.
  • Manufacturer’s decision will be final for any complaints and any disputes will be resolved subject to Chennai jurisdiction.
  • For the warranty to be valid, the cooker must be registered on Maxima website, by its 6-digit serial number, within 30 days from the date of purchase.



  • The Stainless-Steel Weight set helps the Cooker to maintain the operating pressure. The
  • weight set sits on the vent until the Samrat Pressure is reached inside the cooker and then
  • the weight lifts to release any extra pressure. These cookers are also brought to pressure on high
  • heat but it’s “whistle” that indicates that the cooker has reached optimum pressure. The copper
  • pins inside the cant should also be cleaned form time to time form any blockages are free flow.


The food grade gasket ensures durability and it does not change the taste or odor of the food cooked in the pressure cooker.


    The Gasket Release System as the name indicates plays its vital role when the vent tube sets blocked with food particles during the cooking process and pressure cannot be released by the weight valve. The pressure gets released out through the opening on the lid. If such a situation arises, put off the flame immediately, remove the weight set and open the lid. Clean the Weight set and Vent pipe thoroughly to use the cooker further.


    When the pressure or temperature exceeds the preset limits in the Cooker, the food grade safety valve acts as a pressure relief valve (PRV) and it releases the excess pressure automatically. This could happen if the cooker is overloaded than the quantum specified, insufficient water or the particles of the item in the cooker gets clogged in the whistle. It is always advisable to load to cooker only with the two third of the body capacity.


    This small hole is presented on top of the GRS, It gives additional safety to product while cooking.


    Bakelite is a special material that is used for its ability to resist heat. Firmly fitted Bakelite Handles in the Cooker body and Lid with flame guard and rust proof stainless steel screws, ensures heat resistance and perfect grip tor the cooker.


    • Fill the Cooker with adequate water for efficient cooking.
    • Keep the vent tube, weight & gasket always clean to manage the optimum pressure of the cooker.
    • Ensure the cooker lid is closed properly and the lid handle is always placed correctly over the body handle.
    • Ensure that the flame is kept correctly. Excess flame on a small pressure cooker may burn the handle bars.
    • For longer gasket life,place the gasket reversely once in a while on the lid while cooking
    • Always put the weight set only when the steam comes out from vent tube.
    • Before opening the lid after cooking, ensure that the steam is subsided fully.
    • Always use soft detergents / liquids for washing to maintain the durability of the pressure cooker. After cleaning keep the Body, Lid, Gasket & Weight separately so that the water gets dried fully.


    • Don’t try to open cooker, even with a little pressure inside. Complete pressure to be subsidized for opening the lid.
    • Don’t use the cooker without filling sufficient water in it.
    • Don’t touch the body or lid of the cooker during cooking or when it’s hot.
    • Don’t allow children to handle the cooker and keep the cooker away when it’s hot.
    • Don’t use hard abrasives to clean the cooker as it may damage the body and lid.
    • Don’t use the gasket if it’s damaged even a little. Gasket needs to be changed or replaced with a new one when worn out.
    • Don’t make an attempt to repair the cooker in case of any fault or not working. Always
    • give the cooker to authorized dealer service centers for repair.
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